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Audit Report: OAS-L-10-03

February 4, 2010

Processing of Sodium-Bearing Waste at the Idaho National Laboratory

The Department of Energy (Department), under a 1992 Notice of Noncompliance Consent Order, is required to cease use of the radioactive liquid waste tank farm at the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center (INTEC) by December 31, 2012. Approximately 900,000 gallons of liquid wasted remain in the INTEC tank farm. Besides being radioactive, this mixed waste has a high sodium content from decontamination activities and as such is also regulated by the State of Idaho under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Accordingly, this waste is commonly referred to as "sodium-bearing waste." A 1995 Settlement Agreement with the State of Idaho requires the Department to treate this waste by the end of 2012 which would also enable the Department to close the tank farm in support of the 1992 Consent Order.

Topic: Environmental Cleanup