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Audit Report: IG-0523

September 17, 2001

Sandia National Laboratories Personal Property Accountability

The Department of Energy (Department) requires its contractors to track accountable property from acquisition to final disposition. In this regard, Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia) is responsible for significant quantities of Department-owned personal property. This personal property, which is defined as property of any kind, excluding real estate and permanent fixtures, is located at various sites including overseas locations. To track property, Sandia uses a Fixed Assets Database, which was designed to be a management tool to account for Government property. A unique property control number is to be affixed to each item and, once entered into the database, the property control number is the mechanism used to track the location of each item through ultimate disposal. As of December 2000, the Sandia Database contained about 53,000 items valued at approximately $1.1 billion.