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Annual Performance Report FY 2005 Annual Performance Plan FY 2006

Iam pleased to present the Office of Inspector General’s combined Fiscal Year 2005 Annual Performance Report and Fiscal Year 2006 Annual Performance Plan. Our office continues to work vigorously in support of the Department and its mission. During FY 2005, we issued 99 audit and inspection reports containing recommendations for over $619 million in savings; referred 31 criminal cases for prosecution; obtained 14 convictions; recovered over $27.4 million in fines, restitutions and settlements; and, addressed over 1,300 complaints and concerns from employees, contractors and citizens regarding Departmental operations. All of our work is designed to assist the Department in effectively managing its national security complex. My staff and I appreciate the critical importance of the Department of Energy’s activities. We
look forward to continuing our work on behalf of the people of this Nation.