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Calendar Year 2003

December 22, 2003
Audit Report: IG-0634

Cold Standby Program at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant

December 18, 2003
Inspection Report: IG-0633

This inspection report is classified and is available for review by appropriately cleared personnel with a need to know

December 18, 2003
Inspection Report: IG-0633

The Security of Uranium Hexafluoride at the East Tennessee Technology Park

December 16, 2003
Audit Report: IG-0632

Modernization of Tritium Requirements Systems

December 12, 2003
Audit Report: IG-0631

Implementation of Indications, Warning, Analysis and Reporting Capability

December 11, 2003
Audit Report: IG-0630

The McNeil Biomass Project

December 8, 2003
Audit Report: IG-0629

Central Office Expenses for the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

December 5, 2003

Audit of Facility Contractor Employee Assignments by Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

December 5, 2003
Inspection Report: IG-0628

Internal Controls Over Classified Computers and Classified Removable Media at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

December 5, 2003
Audit Report: OAS-L-04-06

Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act Audit Report Audit Report