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The Department of Energy’s [DOE] Independent Oversight Program provides DOE line management, Congress, and other stakeholders with an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of DOE policy and line management performance in safety and security, and other critical areas as directed by the Secretary of Energy.

DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY OVERSIGHT POLICY [DOE P 226.1B] establishes “DOE expectations for the implementation of a comprehensive and robust oversight process that enables the Department’s mission to be accomplished effectively and efficiently while maintaining the highest standard of performance for safety and security.”  This process includes provisions for the conduct of independent oversight. Independent oversight refers exclusively to oversight by DOE Headquarters organizations that do not have line management responsibility for the activity

DOE’s Independent Oversight function is executed by a staff of safety and security experts who are responsible for conducting activity, facility, site, and Department-wide performance-based assessments that are designed to verify that the Department's safeguards and security interests are protected; Departmental employees, the public, and the environment are protected from hazardous operations and materials; and the Department can respond effectively to emergencies.  Reports that pertain to Independent Oversight activities and do not contain classified or sensitive unclassified information are available at Review Reports and Activity Reports.  Additional information about the Independent Oversight Program is availab le in the program''s Appraisal Process Protocols.