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Status Report, Department of Energy's Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program - February 2006

February 2006

Report on Implementation of 10 CFR Part 850, Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program

During calendar year 2005, the Office of Independent Oversight, within the Office of Security and Safety Performance Assurance, evaluated the effectiveness of U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) chronic beryllium disease protection programs (CBDPPs) at five sites as part of regularly scheduled inspections. These reviews focused on site programs for ensuring that workers are protected in accordance with the requirements of 10 CFR 850. This report summarizes the observations, insights, and lessons learned from these reviews and from the review of DOE requirements, guidance, and other supporting documents for these programs

All of the evaluated sites have established formal programs and are in compliance with 10 CFR 850. In addition, very few breathing zone samples have been reported to contain elevated levels of beryllium, indicating that the program is effective in controlling airborne exposures. However, fully characterizing beryllium sources, identifying potential contamination sources, and ensuring that workers are protected from potential exposure are challenging tasks that require continued attention.