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Preliminary Notice of Violation, Kaiser-Hill Company, LLC - EA-2000-01

January 24, 2000

Preliminary Notice of Violation issued to Kaiser-Hill Company, LLC, related to Recurring Procurement Quality Problems at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, January 24, 2000 (EA-2000-01)

This letter refers to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) evaluation of recurring procurement quality problems identified to you in Preliminary Notice of Violation (PNOV) EA-1999-06 and the effectiveness of corrective actions you identified in your response to the PNOV. Our letter of August 18, 1999, transmitting PNOV EA-1999-06 stated that DOE would defer enforcement action on additional similar violations contingent upon your taking corrective actions that effectively prevent recurrence of the procurement quality problems. DOE held a follow-up conference with you and your staff on November 16, 1999, to discuss the adequacy and implementation status of these corrective actions.