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Office of Security

Mission and Functions

The Office of Security (HS-50) is one of the major subordinate offices within the Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS). HS-50 is committed to improving the Department's safeguards and security posture by providing safeguards and security subject matter expertise upon request to assist field and Headquarters elements and by deploying safeguards and security technologies that serve as force multipliers for addressing the emerging and challenging threats faced by the Department.

As the Departments principal security office, we work closely with the program offices, field sites, Headquarters, and with the other offices within HSS to ensure that site assistance efforts are well coordinated and that the lessons learned from security assistance and deployed technologies are promulgated throughout the complex. HS-50 subject matter experts provided assistance to all of our Departmental and NNSA field locations. We remain committed to continuing the customer-focused safeguards and security assistance program that serves the interests of the Department while at the same time aggressively pursuing the deployment of technologies that will improve safeguards and security over the coming decades.

The Safeguards and Security Information Management System is a powerful security information management tool (which now includes the Incident Tracking and Analysis System) is provided by the Office of Security Assistance to address a number of areas of interest to Headquarters and Field Elements. Specifically, these systems provide retrievable data that includes: registration of security interests by facility/contract; FOCI, security surveys, inspections, deficiencies tracking, corrective action plans as well as incidents of security concern, inquiry reports, and damage assessments.