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Issued to Kaiser-Hill Company, LLC related to Failure to Perform Required Surveillances at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, August 2, 2000

This letter refers to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) evaluation of potential noncompliances with the requirements of 10 CFR 830.120 (Quality Assurance Rule).
The potential noncompliances involved inadequate implementation of work controls, specifically failure to perform required combustible gas surveillances. The failure to
fully perform the required surveillances was identified by the contractor during a comprehensive Kaiser-Hill (KHLL) Implementation Validation Review (IVR) team
verifying implementation of the Basis of Interim Operation (BIO) for Buildings 776 and 777 on August 18, 1999. The surveillance noncompliances were reported into the
DOE’s Noncompliance Tracking System under report number NTS-RFO--KHLLFACOPS-1999-0003 on October 21, 1999.