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Independent Oversight Special Review, Rocky Flats Closure Project Site - April 2001

April 2001

Special Review of the Rocky Flats Closure Project Site

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Independent Environment, Safety, and Health Oversight (EH-2), within the Office of Environment, Safety and Health, conducted an independent oversight Special Review at the Rocky Flats Closure Project (RFCP). The Special Review was conducted at the request of the Rocky Flats Field Office (RFFO), which is the DOE organizational element with responsibility for the RFCP (formerly known as the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site). Kaiser-Hill Company, LLC (KH) is the prime contractor for the RFCP.

RFCP’s project-oriented approach and aggressive scheduling have resulted in significant progress in the decontamination and decommissioning of RFCP facilities and stabilizing and removing legacy hazards, which will reduce hazards to the public, workers, and environment. Some projects have instituted innovative measures to manage the balance between safety and mission/schedule priorities, such as the Building 776 practices for minimizing the impact of day-to-day schedule pressure on safety.

Section 2 of this report provides the results of the review of IWCP and line management oversight. Another EH-2 team performed an onsite review of the internal doses from February 5 to 16, 2001, and subsequently reviewed the KH investigation report, which was issued on March 15, 2001. Section 3 of this report discusses the results of the review of the internal exposures in Building 771. The two teams then jointly analyzed the results to develop the Safety Issues and Opportunities for Improvement in this report.

Section 4 presents the Safety Issues identified during this EH-2 Special Review. Section 5 provides Opportunities for Improvement for consideration by RFFO and KH management. This report includes four appendices. Appendix A provides detailed results of the evaluation of IWCP for the 371/374 Closure Project using the framework of the five core functions of ISM. Appendix B provides the corresponding results for the 776/777 Closure Project. Issues resulting from this review are summarized in Appendix C. The composition of the two EH-2 teams is provided in Appendix D.