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Independent Oversight Inspection, Nevada Test Site - June 2007

June 2007

Inspection of Environment, Safety, and Health Programs at the Nevada Test Site

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Independent Oversight, within the Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS), conducted an inspection of environment, safety, and health (ES&H) programs at the DOE Nevada Test Site (NTS) during March and April 2007. The ES&H inspection was performed by Independent Oversight’s Office of Environment, Safety and Health Evaluations (HS-64).

NSO has some adequate oversight program elements, such as the Facility Representative program, and in several cases NSO is effectively using contract performance measures to drive performance improvements. NSO has also applied significant effort to oversight of nuclear safety at DAF, which has been effective in driving improvements in the contractor nuclear safety programs at DAF and in identifying the needed corrective actions to fully meet the requirements of a Category 2 nuclear facility and to make the upgrades needed for the additional planned nuclear activities.

Sections 2 and 3 discuss the key positive attributes and weaknesses, respectively, identified during this inspection. Section 4 provides a summary assessment of the effectiveness of the major ISM elements that were reviewed. Section 5 provides Independent Oversight’s conclusions regarding the overall effectiveness of NNSA, NSO, NSTec, JNPO-LLNL, JNPO-LANL, JNPO, and WSI management of ES&H programs. Section 6 presents the ratings assigned during this inspection. Detailed results and opportunities for improvement were provided to NSO for consideration by NNSA, NSO, NSTec, JNPO-LLNL, JNPO-LANL, JNPO, and WSI management. Appendix A provides supplemental information, including team composition, and Appendix B presents the findings identified during this Independent Oversight inspection.