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Enfrocement Letter, Battelle Memorial Institute - May 20, 2010

May 20, 2010

Enforcement Letter issued to Battelle Memorial Institute related to an Unintentional Firearm Discharge at the Volpentest HAMMER Training and Education Center at the Hanford Site,

The Office of Health, Safety and Security's Office of Enforcement conducted an evaluation of the accidental firearm discharge that occurred in an occupied classroom during training led by Ballelle at the Volpentest HAMMER Training and Education Center (HAMMER) in August 2009. The weapon discharge, which occurred during unsupervised student handling of a handgun, could have resulted in a fatal injury to one of the many students in the classroom. Battelle Memorial lnstitute (Battelle) manages and operates the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Battelle uses the HAMMER facility to conduct training through an inter-contractor procurement (ICP) arrangement with Mission Support Alliance, LLC (MSA), the managing and operating contractor for HAMMER. Since 1997, Battelle has trained international border security officers to detect, identify, and interdict the illicit movement of materials, commodities, and components associated with the development or deployment of weapons of mass destruction. Each week-long course culminates in a one-hour concealed weapons demonstration performed by an off-duty deputy sheriff who is a subcontractor to Battelle.