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Background: On October 1, 2006, the Secretary of Energy created the Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS) to integrate Department of Energy (DOE) Headquarters-level functions for health, safety, environment, and security into one unified office. To accomplish this important responsibility, HSS is focused on providing the Department with effective and consistent policy development, technical assistance, education and training, complex-wide independent oversight, and enforcement. Additionally, HSS addresses Department-wide cross-cutting issues and enhances collaboration and sharing of technical expertise.

Organization: We have organized HSS to promote the sharing and integration of information and to ensure clear responsibilities and accountability for these important functions within our organization. Details and information about the various elements of HSS can be found using the organizational chart.

Functional Areas: HSS is DOE's central organization responsible for health, safety, environment, physical security and information security. The Office provides corporate-level leadership and strategic vision to coordinate and integrate these vital programs. HSS has five major roles across these areas of safety and security:

  • facilitating development of Departmental policy and requirements
  • providing mission support (or implementation assistance) to the Under Secretaries and their line organizations
  • working to improve competencies of the federal and contractor workforce in safety and security through our National Training Center in Albuquerque NM
  • implementing enforcement programs for the Department’s self-regulation of nuclear safety, worker health and safety, and information security.
  • providing feedback to senior management through independent oversight inspections and reviews of contractor and DOE performance in safety and security

Outreach and Collaboration: HSS strives to maintain a close working relationship with the NNSA Administrator and the Under Secretaries of Energy and Science. To promote this relationship and to obtain feedback on issues related to health, safety, environment, and security, HSS senior management conducts visits throughout the DOE complex and meets with Program and Site Offices, contractor management, and union representatives, as well as, other Federal agencies, industry, academia, and other DOE stakeholders.

In March 2006 HSS formed the Health, Safety and Security Managers Focus Group to solicit, discuss, and address topics and issues of interest to DOE managers and stakeholders to further the improvement of health, safety, environmental, and security performance within the Department. The HSS Focus Group has met with, and continues dialogue and exchange, with Program Secretarial Offices, DOE stakeholders, and Labor Unions in this effort. In addition, the HSS hosts a Visiting Speaker Program, which draws leaders from academia, business, public and private enterprise, and other organizations with interests similar to DOE to present on topics such as organizational theory, the business model of sustainability, resilience in challenging circumstances, and issues of global importance.

The HSS Public Outreach Website has been designed to provide quick access to information related to HSS initiatives, activities, events, documents, and collaborative enterprises as they relate to health, safety, security, and the environment.

Office of Health, Safety and Security