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October 11, 2012
YMGI Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Determined Noncompliant With Energy Efficiency Standard

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Enforcement issued a Notice of Noncompliance Determination (Notice) on October 11, 2012, to YMGI Group, LLC (YMGI) regarding through-the-wall split system central air conditioner basic model TTWC-18K-31B.  DOE enforcement testing revealed that this model operates at a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of 8.3.  The current federal standard requires that through-the-wall split system central air conditioners operate at a SEER of 12 or greater.

August 27, 2012
DOE Collects Civil Penalties for Failure to Certify

The Office of Enforcement recently settled enforcement actions against ten companies for failure to submit the required certification that products comply with the federal energy conservation standards.  Several companies were subject to higher penalties due to a history of noncompliance with the certification regulations.

August 13, 2012
DOE Testing Finds Two Kenmore-Brand Freezers Noncompliant

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (“DOE”) Office of Enforcement recently issued a Notice of Noncompliance Determination to Sears, Roebuck & Co. (“Sears”) regarding two Kenmore-brand chest freezers, basic model 255.19502010 (“19502” or “1950”) and basic model 255.19702010 (“19702” or “1970”), which are privately labeled and distributed in commerce in the U.S. by Sears and manufactured in China.

June 28, 2012
Manufacturer Voluntarily Reports Noncompliance

Cooper Power Systems, LLC (“Cooper”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cooper Industries notified the U.S. Department of Energy’s (“DOE”) Office of Enforcement that it had distributed three noncompliant basic models (five total units) of liquid-immersed distribution transformers in U.S.

June 27, 2012
DOE Refers Four ENERGY STAR Models to EPA for Potential De-Listing

U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) testing has identified one refrigerator and three room air conditioners that do not meet the ENERGY STAR program’s applicable energy efficiency requirements.

Avanti Products (“Avanti”) refrigerator basic model BCA4560W-2 and three Friedrich Air Conditioning Company (“Friedrich”) room air conditioner basic models (WS12C10, WS13C30, and US12C30) were selected for testing as part of the DOE ENERGY STAR Verification Testing Program.

May 16, 2012
New Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential Clothes Washers and Dishwashers to Save Consumers Billions on Energy Bills

The Department of Energy today announced common-sense energy efficiency standards for residential clothes washers and dishwashers that will save consumers $20 billion in energy and water costs.

March 30, 2012
Rule Proposed to Prohibit Importation of Products that Fail to Comply with DOE Energy Conservation Standards

This week, after extensive collaboration with the Department of Energy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Department of the Treasury issued a notice of proposed rulemaking proposing a mechanism to refuse admission into the customs territory of the United States to covered products that fail to meet an applicable DOE energy conservation standard. This rule, if adopted, would promote a level playing field for U.S.

February 15, 2012
DOE Investigates Possible Air Conditioner Efficiency Violations

The Department of Energy’s Office of Enforcement is committed to its compliance enforcement responsibilities with regard to federal energy conservation standards and ensuring that all those subject to the requirements are treated fairly and equally.  Today, the Office of Enforcement issued a series of subpoenas as part of an investigation to determine whether manufacturers of split-system air conditioners are making and distributing in the U.S.

January 11, 2012
DOE Refers Two ENERGY STAR Models to EPA for Potential De-Listing

U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) testing has identified one refrigerator-freezer that does not meet the ENERGY STAR program’s energy efficiency requirement and one dishwasher that may not meet an ENERGY STAR requirement.

December 7, 2011
DOE Seeks Further Public Input on How Best To Streamline Existing Regulations

The Department of Energy (DOE) has announced a further step to implementing the President’s Executive Order on Improving Regulatory Review.  The Executive Order directs federal agencies to review existing regulations and determine whether they are still necessary and crafted effectively to solve current problems.  Engaging the public in an open, transparent process is a crucial step in DOE’s regulatory review process.  Because public comments in response to the Request for Information (RFI) issued in January were important in the development of DOE’s plan for retrospective regulatory revie