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Energy Analyses

The Office of Fossil Energy conducts energy analyses to assess the economics of advanced process concepts in support of near-zero emissions power plants.

Environmental Activities. These analyses include the potential impact on health and climate change of particulates and linkages to fossil fuel use, barriers to and environmental impacts of large-scale deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies, and life cycle environmental emissions analysis for existing and advanced fossil fuel technologies.

Technical and Economic Analyses. Analyses in this area crosscuts all Fossil Energy programs and supports multi-year program and strategic planning efforts. It includes critical studies to identify major challenges, technologies, and advanced concepts that have the potential to improve the efficiency, cost, and environmental performance of fossil energy systems. These analyses include strategic benefits of fossil fuel technology long-term, integrated modeling analysis of the potential impact of CCUS technologies, technical and economic studies carried out through the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas Program, and dispatch analysis of advanced CCUS technology in U.S. regions.

System Analysis/Product Integration. In this area we assess the technical and economic viability of advanced process concepts to support the development and deployment of near-zero atmospheric emissions plants, including CO2 capture. We conduct workshops for state environmental and economic regulators and energy officials to assist in providing state-of-the-art information for use in permitting advanced energy plants and developing state policies and international policies.