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Louisiana LNG Energy LLC – FE Dkt. No. 14-29-LNG

The Office of Fossil Energy gives notice of receipt of an application filed on February 18, 2014, by Louisiana LNG Energy LLC (LLNG) requesting long-term authorization to export two million metric tons per year of LNG (approximately 103.4 bcf of natural gas using a conversion factor of 51.7 bcf of natural gas per million metric tons of LNG) produced from domestic sources for a 25-year period commencing on the earlier of the date of first export from the LLNG facility or ten years from the date the requested authorization is granted. LLNG seeks authorization to export LNG from its proposed facility near mile marker 46 on the East Bank of the Mississippi River down-river from the Port of New Orleans in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana to any country with which the United States does not have a FTA requiring national treatment for trade in natural gas with which trade is not prohibited by United States law or policy NFTAs.


1. 02/08/14 Louisiana LNG Energy, LLC Application for Long-term Authority to Export LNG to Non-FTA Countries
2. 07/24/14 Louisiana LNG Energy, LLC Supplement to Application
3. 08/28/14 Louisiana LNG Energy, LLC Clarification of Statement Outlined in Application
4. 09/18/14 U.S. Department of Energy Signed F.R. Notice
5. 09/26/14 U.S. Department of Energy Published F.R. Notice
6. 09/26/14 U.S. Department of Energy Notice of Procedures for Change in Control Affecting Applications and Authorization to Import and Export Natural Gas.
7. 11/25/14 American Public Gas Association Motion for Leave to Intervene, Motion to Suspend, and Protest
8. 11/25/14 American Petroleum Institute Motion to Intervene
9. 12/10/14 Louisiana LNG Energy, LLC Answer to Protest of American Gas Association
10. 05/21/15 Louisiana LNG Energy, LLC Notice of Change in Control to Parallax Enterprise (NOLA) LLC (No Change in Current Authorization Holders Name)
11. 06/08/15 U.S. Department of Energy Notice of Corporate Reorganization or Change in Control and Amendment of Authorization to Export Liquefied Natural Gas to Non-free Trade Agreement Countries.
12. 10/02/15 Louisiana LNG Energy, LLC Clarification of Change in Control Request Filed 5/21/15 Requesting DOE not Change Name of Authorization Holder
13. 11/03/15 U.S. Department of Energy Order Correcting Notice of Corporate Reorganization or CIC and Amendment of Authorization
14. 12/29/15 U.S. Department of Energy Macroeconomic Impacts of LNG Exports Studies