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September 30, 2011
This Month on Energy Savers: September 2011

September is a month full of changes: it marks the switch from summer to fall, and from vacation to school. But it also means something really exciting - the DOE Solar Decathlon!

September 28, 2011
What Do You Wish You Knew About Home Solar Energy?

Solar Decathlon 2011 is in full swing, and the Energy Savers blog is all about home solar energy during the event!

September 27, 2011
Matt Hansen reviews each team’s design drawings and construction specifications to estimate the total construction cost of its house. (Credit: Alexis Power/U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon)
Affordability Contest Adds New Dimension to Solar Decathlon 2011

The big buzz word in Washington, D.C., these days is budget. In the solar village at West Potomac Park, cost savings are top of mind for the decathletes as well.

September 26, 2011
Each house has personalized details--like Florida International's etchings inscribed on the deck floor.
Solar Decathlon 2011: The Visitor’s Perspective

Ride along as we visit the 2011 Solar Decathlon competition and explore the Solar Village with fellow sightseers!

September 22, 2011
Amanda Crosby, right, and Belinda Dods of New Zealand celebrate placing the final screw on the deck of their house at Solar Decathlon 2011.
Are You Attending Solar Decathlon This Year?

Are you planning to attend Solar Decathlon this year?

September 20, 2011
These structural insulated panels consist of foam insulation sandwiched between oriented strand boards. (Courtesy of Michael Bacchler)
Solar Decathlon Technology Spotlight: Structural Insulated Panels

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are prefabricated structural elements used to build walls, ceilings, floors, and roofs.

September 19, 2011
See you Friday at the Solar Decathlon?

The Solar Decathlon (opening this week!) provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for members of the public to tour homes that save energy and money...and are powered by the sun.

September 15, 2011
Are You Interested in a Clean Energy Career?

Are you or your children interested in pursuing a clean energy career? Tell us why or why not.

September 13, 2011
Walking the Walk to a Brighter Energy Future

America’s Home Energy Education Challenge is a nationwide initiative engages students at schools across the country to learn more about how energy works in their homes and communities -- which also encourages them to work with their parents to take simple steps to save energy and money.

September 8, 2011
Are Your Kids Learning About Saving Energy?

Do you teach your children how to save energy at home, or about driving efficiently?

September 6, 2011
Driving on "Green" Electrons

Although electricity is cleaner than petroleum once it gets to your car, not all electricity is created equal.

September 2, 2011
How Do You Like the Monthly Recaps?

This year we started a regular column on the Energy Savers blog where we show you what’s new on the website, what we’ve talked about, our weekly questions, and a few posts from the archives.

September 1, 2011
This Month on Energy Savers: August 2011

See what we've been talking about in August.

August 29, 2011
Back to School!

This week, millions of kids across the United States are heading back to school.

August 25, 2011
Have You Seen Energy Efficiency Improvements in Your Neighborhood?

After discovering a renewable energy project in our blogger's own community, we're curious: What energy-saving, innovative projects have you come across in your neighborhood?

August 23, 2011
Energy-Saving Projects in My Community

There are so many interesting projects underway in the clean energy space. What's happening in your community?

August 22, 2011
Oh, the Joys of Energy-Inefficient Smartphone Ownership!

So, I recently purchased my first smartphone. For the most part, I love the daylights out of it. But you know what? Its battery life is horrible.

August 18, 2011
Have You Taken Advantage of These Incentives Yet?

Have you been able to take advantage of any incentives to improve the efficiency of your home?

August 16, 2011
Saving Money on Your Energy-Saving Upgrades

Summer is one of the best times of the year to get motivated to make those energy efficiency upgrades on your to-do list, and the Department of Energy can point you to some incentives to make the initial investment more affordable.

August 15, 2011
New Local Incentive Search Widget: DSIRE

The DSIRE widget helps you to quickly locate incentives in your state—whether you're a homeowner, renter, business, school, or other purchaser—and find out which ones you can take advantage of right away.

August 11, 2011
How Much Energy does Your TV Set Use?

Do you know how much energy your TV set uses? If it uses a lot of energy, do you do anything to minimize its energy usage such as using a power strip?

August 8, 2011
Feeling the Heat... From My TV Set

How many light bulbs does it take to equal the power output of a TV set? Or is it the other way around?

August 4, 2011
Have You Seen Our New Interactive Facebook Promotions?

If you haven't seen the Energy Savers Facebook page in a while, you'll want to check it out.

August 1, 2011
“Saving Money by Saving Energy” Goes National

The Energy Department and the Ad Council launched a national education campaign to help consumers save money on utility bills.

July 31, 2011
This Month on Energy Savers: July 2011

Check out the recap of what happened on Energy Savers in July!