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November 4, 2014
Round one of #EnergyFaceoff begins with the computer (CPU) vs. the video game system. Which is more energy efficient? | Graphic courtesy of Stacy Buchanan, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Computer vs. Video Game System: Ready to Rumble in the #EnergyFaceoff Jungle

Round one of #EnergyFaceoff begins with a fight between a computer (CPU) and a video game system. Which is more energy efficient?

November 3, 2014
The #EnergyFaceoff rounds have begun, which appliance do you think is more energy-efficient? | Graphic by Stacy Buchanan, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
#EnergyFaceoff Rounds Begin!

Energy Saver presents #EnergyFaceoff! Each week two appliances will face off on social media to determine which uses less energy, with the victor declared the most efficient.

October 31, 2014
This Halloween, keep ghosts and goblins at bay -- while saving energy and money -- with these home energy efficiency tricks. | Infographic by <a href="/node/379579">Sarah Gerrity</a>, Energy Department.
Energy Efficiency Tricks to Stop Your Energy Bill from Haunting You

This Halloween don't let your energy bill give you a scare. Check out tips on ways to save energy and money at home.

October 30, 2014
On average, clothes dryers cost $96 per year. Find out how much energy your dryer uses. | Photo courtesy of Dennis Schroeder, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
How Much Are Your Appliances and Electronics Costing You?

Use our updated Estimating Appliance and Home Electronic Energy Use page to calculate the electricity consumption of your appliances in preparation for the #EnergyFaceoff campaign in November.

October 29, 2014
This month our experts answered your #AskEnergySaver questions on home heating. | Image courtesy of Sarah Gerrity, Energy Department.
#AskEnergySaver: Home Heating

You asked, we answered! Here are answers to your #AskEnergySaver questions on home heating.

October 28, 2014
Solar energy benefits homeowners, the job market, and the planet. | Photo courtesy of Dennis Schroeder, National Renewable Energy Lab
What Can Solar Do for You

Using solar energy at home can help you save money, protect the planet, increase property values, and create jobs.

October 28, 2014
Your basement no longer has to be scary. We are sharing tips and tricks to make it more comfortable and energy efficient. | Photo courtesy of
Taking on Scary Basements

Some tricks and treats to help make home energy costs less spooky this Halloween season.

October 22, 2014
When installing an off-grid solar electric system be sure you have "balance-of-system" equipment to transmit electricity safely. | Photo courtesy of Warren Gretz, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Going Off the Grid with Solar

Harnessing solar power off the grid isn't as difficult as it seems, here are three steps to help with installing your off-grid system.

October 20, 2014
Using a power strip to switch off appliances ensures your home won't be plagued by energy vampires. | Photo courtesy of ©
Energy Vampires are Attacking Your Home – Here’s How to Stop Them

Stop energy vampires from sucking your wallet dry by switching off power strips and unplugging appliances when not in use.

October 17, 2014
Passive solar design uses carefully designed overhangs and reflective coatings on windows, exterior walls, and roofs to provide comfort during the cooling season. | Photo courtesy of Jason Flakes, U.S. Department of Energy
Using Passive Solar Design to Save Money and Energy

You can harness solar energy to heat and cool your home through passive solar design.