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August 24, 2015
When waiting to pick your kids up from school, turn off your car instead of idling in the parking lot. <em>Photo from Kristy Keel-Blackmon, East Ten, NREL 6324897</em>
Back to School: Saving Fuel in the Last Days of Summer

School is starting but hot weather hasn't ended yet! Stay comfortable while saving money and fuel on your trips to and from school, practice, and after-school activities.

August 11, 2015
Make sure that you hire accredited and certified workers for your home energy projects. <em>Photo courtesy of NREL 6307614</em>
Sustainability at Home: Raising the Bar

New quality guidelines for the weatherization and home performance industry ensure that energy upgrades result in safer, more comfortable, more efficient homes.

August 3, 2015
A small wind turbine can produce enough energy to cover the electricity costs of the average American home. | Photo from Bergey Windpower Co., Inc.; NREL 13830
Want a Tax Credit for a Small Wind System? Be Sure It's Certified!

Small wind electric systems must now be certified in order to qualify for the 30% investment tax credit.

June 29, 2015
Enjoy the open road while keeping your fuel costs low! | Photo courtesy of
Make Your Next Road Trip Fuel Efficient

Enjoy the open road this summer and keep your fuel costs low with these driving tips.

June 18, 2015
Proper maintenance can help keep your air conditioner running efficiently and prolong the life of the unit. | Photo courtesy of
A Home Cooling Strategy for Lower Energy Bills

Keep your family and your wallet happy this summer by properly maintaining your air conditioner and planning an energy efficient home cooling strategy.

May 27, 2015
Every drop counts! Make sure you are doing your part to save water. | Photos courtesy of Jason Flakes, U.S. Department of Energy
Conserving Water, One Drop at a Time

Looking for ways to conserve water? Start in the bathroom!

May 26, 2015
Our energy expert answered your questions about vehicle fuel efficiency. | Photo courtesy of ©
#AskEnergySaver: Fuel Efficiency

Just in time for the busy summer driving season, our energy expert answers your questions about vehicle fuel efficiency.

May 18, 2015
Use planning tools from to save fuel and money on your summer road trips. | Photo courtesy of Pat Corkery/NREL.
Online Planning Tools Make Road Trips a Snap

Planning a road trip? Use these tools to plan your route and save fuel and money.

May 11, 2015
Now's your chance to ask Energy Department experts your questions about saving energy. This month, we're answering your questions about vehicle fuel efficiency. | Photo courtesy of ©
#AskEnergySaver: Answering Your Fuel Efficiency Questions

Have questions about vehicle fuel efficiency? Now's your chance to ask the experts at the Energy Department.

May 6, 2015
Designing a landscape around your climate is key to maximizing energy-savings. | Photo courtesy of
Spruce Up Your Home for Spring and Summer

Is your home ready for warmer temperatures? Check out these tips to ensure your home is ready to save energy and money as summer sets in!