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International Programs

The Office of Environmental Management (EM) International Program seeks out international technical experts to support EM’s mission of accelerated risk reduction and cleanup of the environmental legacy of the nation's nuclear weapons program and government-sponsored nuclear energy research.  To achieve this, EM pursues collaborations with foreign government organizations, educational institutions, and private industry to identify technologies that can address the site cleanup needs of the U.S. Department of Energy.  The EM International Program currently works with the Russian Federation and Ukraine through cooperative bilateral arrangements to support EM’s accelerated cleanup and closure mission.  The EM International Program is also currently evaluating the potential benefits to the U.S. by exploring collaborative opportunities with other countries. 

Through international arrangements, EM engages in the cooperative exchange of information, technology, and data on technology development.  EM works closely with foreign governments, industry and universities to acquire innovative environmental technologies, scientific and engineering expertise, and operational experience that support DOE’s objectives.   


Recognizing the global and urgent implications of the defense production cleanup mission, it is the vision of DOE-EM to implement an international program of technical and programmatic exchange for the benefit of both the U.S. and our partner countries.  

Core Values

  • A cleaner, safer environment
  • Leveraging international expertise in support of an accelerated risk reduction and cleanup of DOE sites
  • U.S.-International community synergy in technology development applicable to the EM mission
  • Identification of innovative technologies focused on user needs
  • A program that is solution- and cost saving-oriented 

Statement of Purpose

In the last decade since the end of the Cold War, there has been a growing realization that the same technical talents that were marshaled to promulgate the nuclear arms race can be effectively redirected to the cleanup of the nuclear weapons complex.  And the cleanup effort may indeed be an even greater technical and scientific challenge.  However, in this technical challenge, there is the opportunity for the best scientific and technical talents throughout the world to work together to remediate the legacy of nuclear waste from defense production. The best technical talents in the U.S. and partner countries should work together vigorously to solve the cleanup of the legacy of nuclear material production.

Goals and Future Expectations

  • EM will be recognized as managing the most productive international cooperative program within the Department of Energy
  • International technologies will be regularly deployed at U.S. DOE sites
  • Technology transfer of environmental management technologies will be understood and realizable
  • EM will receive strong support for its international program from governmental and non-governmental organizations

In order to achieve future expectations, the EM International Program will maintain a portfolio of international cooperative projects focused on EM domestic cleanup needs. The International Program will advance the spirit of international cooperation and promote the virtues of collaborating with international scientists to solve environmental management challenges of mutual interest.  The International Program will leverage to the fullest extent possible all available funding avenues.