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September 30, 2013
WIPP’s 700th defense-related RH-TRU waste shipment was transported in an RH-72B shipping package. The shipment from the Idaho site arrived Sept. 12.
Milestone Shipment Arrives at WIPP

CARLSBAD, N.M. – On Sept. 12, 2013, the 700th shipment of remote-handled (RH) transuranic (TRU) waste reached the gate at EM’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).

September 30, 2013
Members of the Interagency Five-Year Review Workgroup gather for a photo after receiving the Excellence in Partnership award from the EPA's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response on Sept. 18. The award recognizes the workgroup's collaborative effort in developing tools for the five-year reviews. DOE members of the workgroup include, front row, fourth from left, Gerald C. DiCerbo; fifth from left, Letitia O’Conor; and seventh from left, Cliff Carpenter. Also pictured are, first row, first from left, EPA Associate Deputy Administrator Lisa Feldt, a former EM employee; far right, EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus; back row, first from left, EM Office of Site Restoration Assoc iate Deputy Assistant Secretary William Levitan; and second from left, Office of Health, Safety and Security’s Office of Sustainability Support Director Josh Silverman.
EM Collaborates on Best Practices for Reviews

WASHINGTON, D.C. – EM is contributing its expertise to an award-winning federal interagency workgroup tasked with developing tools for federal facility site managers to streamline and communicate a five-year review process.

September 30, 2013
This photo is included in a report that discusses worker protective suits. The report is part of the lessons learned, best practices and other guidance now featured in the Deactivation and Decommissioning Knowledge Management Information Tool. The worker pictured, an insulator, is wearing a protective suit designed to fit better around the respirator and allow for improved breathing.
Website Collects EM’s D&D Lessons Learned

WASHINGTON, D.C. – EM is taking steps to collect lessons learned and best practices in the Cold War cleanup gained through the experience of its workforce.

September 30, 2013
Participants in EM’s Office of Nuclear Materials Disposition workshop with Swedish executives gather for a photo.
EM Hosts Used Fuel Management Workshop

WASHINGTON, D.C. – EM’s Office of Nuclear Materials Disposition held a workshop with Swedish executives earlier this month to learn about their approaches to designing a national waste management program.

September 30, 2013
John Barnes, right, discusses a transuranic (TRU) waste container with Charles Fairburn of Savannah River Nuclear Solutions. The TRU waste container was repackaged in the Savannah River Site H-Canyon facility. Barnes has more than 23-years of experience at the Savannah River Site as a Facility Representative.
DOE's 2012 Facility Rep of the Year Supports EM

AIKEN, S.C. – John Barnes, a Savannah River Site (SRS) employee who works in EM’s Cold War cleanup program, was recently honored as the 2012 DOE Facility Representative (FR) of the Year.

September 30, 2013
Dr. Inés Triay said serving as EM Assistant Secretary was challenging and extremely rewarding.
Former Assistant Secretary Shares Experiences Leading EM: ‘Extremely Rewarding’

In an occasional EM Update series, we feature interviews with former EM Assistant Secretaries to reflect on their achievements and challenges in the Cold War cleanup and to discuss endeavors in life after EM.

September 24, 2013
An Update on the Hanford Site and Cleanup Progress

A new Framework underscores the Energy Department's commitment to cleaning up the legacy of Cold War plutonium production at the Hanford site in the state of Washington.

September 18, 2013
A high-pressure water cannon is used to control dust for the demolition of the X-600 Steam Plant.
Workers Demolish Coal-fired Steam Plant at EM's Portsmouth Site

PIKETON, Ohio – Towering above most nearby buildings, the X-600 Coal-fired Steam Plant had been part of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (GDP) since 1953, providing enough heat to operate three massive process buildings and numerous maintenance and support buildings.

September 10, 2013
Participants in Safety Fest Tennessee receive a hands-on demonstration about electrical safety.
EM Supports Program that Fosters Region’s Safety Culture

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. – Oak Ridge’s EM program is participating in this week’s Safety Fest Tennessee, an annual safety training event for the region’s workplaces.

September 9, 2013
The Idaho site's sodium distillation system.
Idaho Site Taps Old World Process to Treat Nuclear Waste

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – The EM program at the Idaho site is using an age-old process to treat transuranic (TRU) waste left over from nuclear reactor experiments.