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Preventing nuclear weapons materials and technologies from falling into the hands of adversaries seeking to develop weapons of mass destruction is the top priority of the Department of Energy’s corporate security programs.  All Secretarial objectives are supported by a tailored level of security requirements for a wide range of Departmental scientific, research, and national security objectives based on the security significance of their national assets. DOE ensures that Departmental personnel security programs (including the National Nuclear Security Administration [NNSA] are consistent and effectively implemented.


  • Security Policy.  DOE analyzes, develops and interprets safeguards and security policy governing national security functions and the protection of related critical assets entrusted to the Department. This includes the protection of DOE nuclear facilities, nuclear weapons components, special nuclear materials and classified information.
  • Technical Assistance.  DOE provides corporate security expertise to assist all Departmental and NNSA field locations in planning site protection strategies, and coordinates with domestic authorities to provide safeguards and security technical assistance, technical systems support, and technology development and deployment opportunities.


DOE strengthens national security by protecting personnel, facilities, property, classified information, and sensitive unclassified information for DOE Headquarters facilities in the National Capital Area under normal and abnormal (i.e., emergency) conditions; manages access authorization functions; ensures that executives and dignitaries are fully protected, and supports efforts to ensure the continuity of government in all circumstances as mandated by Presidential Decision Directive.  DOE maintains a database of the principal personnel security information processing activities of the Department and the personnel security administrative review process.  DOE management oversight and direction support all Headquarters security operations to include physical protection, information security, personnel security, and guidance to the Headquarters Security Officers.  The link to the Headquarters Facilities Master Security Plan is located below.

Initial Security Briefing

The Initial Security Briefing is required forfocuses on the security responsibilities of for DOE employees related to the proper handling of government information and employee’s use of their security badge, to include badge, facility access control and escort requirements.

Headquarters Facilities Master Security Plan

  • The purpose of the Headquarters Facility Master Security Plan (HQFMSP) is to inform employees, contractors, and visitors of the security procedures in place at Department of Energy (DOE) Headquarters (HQ) facilities in the Washington, DC area. The HQFMSP does not establish new security requirements; security requirements are established by various Federal laws and regulations, Executive Orders, and DOE directives.


The Safeguards and Security Training Program is established to provide training to DOE Federal and contractor employees in areas such as vulnerability assessment, physical protection, information security, protective force and nuclear material control and accountability.  Training encompasses the protection of security interests related to loss, theft, compromise, or unauthorized use would seriously affect national security, DOE programs, the environment, or the health and safety of employees or the public.

Departmental Personnel Security