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Quality Assurance


When properly implemented, the principles and requirements form a management system to plan, perform, assess, and improve work. The requirements are performance oriented and offer unlimited implementation flexibility. The DOE quality management system moves beyond the traditional quality assurance requirements that had become narrowly focused on safety systems, paper, compliance, and inspections. The management system is designed to link with an organization's strategic plan to support mission achievement and the delivery of products and services. The Department's commitment to environment, safety, and health also relies, upon work being conducted within an effective management system. DOE line managers and contracting officers must understand these two fundamental purposes for the QA requirements and ensure the QA Order and rule are specified in each major contract (including those contracts using the Work Smart Standards process to satisfy DOE Acquisition regulation 48 CFR 970.5223-1).

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    Archive for publication of the Quality Assurance Exchange, a forum for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of experience related to QA issues among DOE Field Offices, contractors, and DOE Headquarters.

The Department uses two requirements documents to express identical sets of requirements for two distinct organizational groups. The first, Order 414.1D, applies to practically all DOE organizations and all contractors whose contract includes the Order. The second is a regulation, 10 CFR 830 (including 10 CFR 830 Subpart A), that applies to nuclear facility contractors indemnified under the Price Anderson Amendments Act and suppliers of items and services to those nuclear facilities.