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Occupational Radiation Exposure


The Occupational Radiation Exposure Information page on this web page is intended to provide the latest available information on radiation exposure to the workforce at DOE facilities.

In addition, this page is intended to serve as a central location for the dissemination of information concerning the recording and reporting requirements for occupational radiation exposure at DOE facilities.

Only "occupationally" exposed workers are included in the summary data presented here. This does not include radiation exposure to the environment or general public (except for those individuals visiting a DOE site that are provided dosimetry by the site).

Radiation Exposure Monitoring Systems (REMS)

Radiation Exposure Monitoring System (REMS) is the database of occupational radiation exposures for all monitored DOE employees, contractors, subcontractors and members of the public. The Rule 10 CFR 835.702 requires annual individual radiation exposure records to be recorded. DOE Order 231.1B requires the reporting of monitoring results to the REMS Repository in accordance with the specifications provided in REMS Reporting Guide. Please note that the reporting format has changed in accordance with the Amendment to 10 CFR 835. See the REMS Reporting Guide below for the revised reporting format.

What's New

Annual Reports: 

Occupational Radiation Exposure reports in pdf format since 1992 with analysis of data and trends in data.


Guidance for reporting radiation exposure information to the DOE Headquarters REMS repository.


Guidance on how to request information from REMS, including how to request a dose history for an individual.


DOE's Radiation Exposure Monitoring System. The query tool provides access to REMS statistical data for analysis.

Orders and Standards:


A Basic Overview of Occupational Radiation Exposure Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting Radiation in Perspective

Other Related Sites: 

Provides links to other DOE and non-DOE web sites for information related to occupational radiation exposure.