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Radiation Exposure Monitoring Systems Data Submittal Notification

December 17, 2015

Monitoring records are required to be reported to the Department of Energy (DOE) Radiation Records Repository by March 31 under DOE Order 231.1B and in accordance with the REMS Reporting Guide.  These records form the basis for the analysis presented in the DOE Occupational Radiation Exposure annual report.

In July of 2007, DOE amended 10 CFR 835. The amendment affects dosimetric terms, organ doses, radiation weighting factors, and tissue weighting factors. Full compliance was required as of July of 2010. The REMS database serves as the repository for DOE occupational exposure and has been modified to meet the changes in Part 835. DOE Manual 231.1-1A, Appendix G has been cancelled and the reporting requirements from the manual have been moved to the online REMS Reporting Guide.