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HQFMSP Chapter 6, Foreign Interaction

June 2014

2014 Headquarters Facilities Master Security Plan - Chapter 6, Foreign Interaction

DOE has adopted significant controls over the interaction of its employees and contractors with foreign nationals.  When authorized by a treaty or international agreement, some DOE classified information can be shared with foreign government representatives.  Unclassified information can be shared with foreign nationals only after a senior DOE official has approved that exchange.  No foreign national can be admitted to a HQ facility without the approval of a senior HQ official and then only when required information is placed in the Foreign Access Central Tracking System (FACTS).  There are also controls over some foreign travel performed by DOE employees and contractors.  Controls and required actions are described in this chapter, which is maintained jointly by officials in HS-91, the HQ Office of Counterintelligence (IN-20), and the Office of International Travel and Exchange Visitor Program (MA-45).