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Wind Program Budget

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has allocated $106 million in fiscal year (FY) 2015 funds for the Wind Program to improve performance, lower costs, and accelerate the deployment of wind power technologies. For FY 2016, the Wind Program's budget request is $145.5 million. Priority activity areas supported by the FY 2015 budget and featured in DOE’s FY 2016 Congressional Budget Request include:

  • Promote Offshore Wind: Multi‐year program to develop and demonstrate pioneering U.S. offshore wind systems through targeted research at full scale, validating and refining innovative technologies by domestic wind technology manufacturing, speeding deployment of the first U.S. offshore wind projects, and further substantiating the design and economic value of alternate project designs.
  • Wind Plant Optimization R&D: High performance computing-based R&D program to minimize wind plants’ energy costs through resource characterization and complex aerodynamics R&D, advanced plant-level controls development, and improved plant reliability. Includes an initiative, Atmosphere to Electrons (A2e), to address wind plant performance improvement opportunities. Key research institutions and computational assets will be leveraged to conduct high fidelity modeling activities to understand the complex flow of the resource in wind farms to increase wind energy capture, inform project financing, and reduce wind plants’ levelized cost of energy.
  • Manufacturing Competitiveness: R&D program focused on high‐impact innovation in wind component manufacturing and addressing logistical and transportation constraints of very tall wind towers (120 meters and above) and very large (~100 meter) turbine blades. Seeks to dramatically reduce the cost of wind power technology, enable access to better wind resources, and increase U.S. manufacturing competitiveness in the wind power industry.
  • Market Acceleration and Deployment: Streamline siting, permitting, and certification by facilitating environmentally responsible deployment of wind technologies by:
    • Continuing multi‐year efforts to ensure wind‐wildlife interactions are considered and addressed;
    • Collaborating with federal agencies on mitigating the effects of wind turbines on long range surveillance and terminal radars;
    • Conducting wind-grid integration and transmission studies;
    • Developing wind energy forecasting tools for grid operators; and
    • Investing in testing facilities at the national laboratories for academic and industry use.

For information on the Wind Program's $145.5 million FY 2016 budget request to Congress, please see the Department of Energy's FY 2016 budget request to Congress.

Budget History

This chart illustrates the budget for Wind Program activities in previous fiscal years. 

Illustration of the EERE Water budget history.