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Vehicle Technologies Office: Directions in Engine-Efficiency and Emissions Research (DEER) Conference

The Directions in Engine-Efficiency and Emissions Research (DEER) Conference gathers professionals in the engine community to share the latest in advanced combustion engine research and development. The DEER Conference fosters information exchange and collaboration, which is imperative in the success and timely deployment of new, high-efficiency engine technologies.  These technologies will help reduce our transportation sector’s oil consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants.

At DEER, original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, national laboratories, universities, and nonprofit organizations attend presentations and poster exhibits featuring DOE-funded research and development. Additionally, the DEER exhibit hall features more than 50 companies showcasing the latest innovations, products, and services.

Information on the next DEER conference will be posted here when it is available.  The Conference is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2016.

The Vehicle Technologies Office has hosted the DEER conference since 2002.  Here are the presentations from the past DEER conferences: