Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

  • DOE Investment in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Spurs Real Industry Growth

    In honor of National Hydrogen Week, EERE announced up to $30 million in planned funding to support advances in fuel cell and hydrogen technology; in addition, we released a report that demonstrates tremendous industry growth since 2007.

  • Clean Energy Technologies Getting Cheaper, More Accessible

    Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced the 2016 update to the Revolution…Now report, highlighting cost reductions and rapid deployment of five clean energy technologies: wind turbines, solar technologies for both utility-scale and distributed photovoltaic, electric vehicles, and LEDs.

  • Energy 101 Video Shows Benefits of Sustainable Public Transit

    You may already know that public transportation reduces pollution and eases congestion on the road. However, many transit fleets are switching to cleaner fuels and technologies, making this mode of transportation even more sustainable.

  • New Projects and Planned Funding Announced for Solar Innovations

    The Energy Department announced up to $107 million in new projects and planned funding to support America's continued leadership in solar technology. Our SunShot Initiative will invest $42 million in 40 projects to reduce costs and improve PV performance, reliability, and manufacturability—enabling faster deployment of solar technologies.

  • Joint National Offshore Wind Strategy Launched

    The National Offshore Wind Strategy: Facilitating the Development of the Offshore Wind Industry in the United States provides a snapshot of the current state of the industry, refinements in resource assessment and cost reduction trajectories, and a roadmap for how the Departments of Energy and the Interior can support the industry's future growth and success.