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View and download multimedia—including videos and animations—related to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, research, projects, and program activities.


These videos highlight real-world uses of fuel cell technologies.

Energy 101: Fuel Cell Technology Video

Learn the fundamentals of fuel cell technology and its potential to supply our homes, offices, industries, and vehicles with sustainable, reliable energy.

Text version.

Energy 101: Fuel Cells Discussion

Listen to the recorded Google+ Hangout about Fuel Cells in which several experts answered questions about fuel cells in front of a live online audience. Watch the recorded video.

MotorWeek H2 on the Horizon Video

Learn how car makers, energy suppliers, and the government are bringing fuel cell electric vehicles and hydrogen fueling infrastructure to the U.S. market.

Text version.

MotorWeek Fuel Cell Video

Learn how fuel cells are being used in specialty vehicles, auxiliary power, standby power generators, and for supplying power and heat to buildings and warehouse operations.

Text version.


These animations visually describe fuel cells to a non-technical audience.

How a fuel cell worksFuel Cell Animation and Illustration
View our fuel cell animation to learn how a fuel cell uses hydrogen to produce electricity with only water and heat as byproducts.



In 2007 the DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program produced an audio series and radio spots that provided general information about hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Contact the Webmaster if you'd like to access the audio files.