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Manufacturing Research and Development

The Fuel Cell Technologies Office's manufacturing research and development (R&D) activity improves processes and reduces the cost of manufacturing components and systems for hydrogen production, delivery, and storage, and for stationary, portable, and transportation fuel cell applications.

There are significant challenges to increasing production of today's hydrogen and fuel cell components and systems, whether they are built using laboratory-scale fabrication technologies or are high-volume commercially available products. The Fuel Cell Technologies Office is working to streamline production and reduce costs for cross-cutting technologies and capabilities such as:

  • Metrology and standards
  • Modeling and simulation tools
  • Design
  • Quality control requirements necessary to improve manufacturing processes.


On December 9–10, 2013, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory held an EERE Quality Control Workshop with government, industry, and other stakeholders. This workshop was co-sponsored by the EERE Fuel Cell Technologies Office, Solar Energy Technologies Office, Vehicle Technologies Office, Building Technologies Office, and Advanced Manufacturing Office, in support of the DOE Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative.

On August 11−12, 2011, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory held a Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Manufacturing R&D Workshop with various manufacturing stakeholders from the federal government, universities, national laboratories, and industry.

Additional R&D Activities

Additional information about current manufacturing R&D activities is presented in the Manufacturing R&D section of the office's Multi-Year Research, Development, and Demonstration Plan.