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Qualified List of Energy Service Companies

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) established the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Qualified List of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) in accordance with the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and 10 CFR 436.

The DOE Qualified List of ESCOs is composed of firms that have submitted an application and been approved by a qualification review board comprised of DOE staff.

FEMP strongly recommends contacting Douglas Eisemann, 703-653-5425,, with questions before submitting an application for inclusion on the DOE Qualified List of ESCOs.

Applying for the DOE Qualified List

Applications for the DOE Qualified List are accepted throughout the year. Each member on the list is required to re-certify each calendar year.

To be considered for DOE's Qualified List of ESCOs, all first-time applicants must complete and submit:

  1. A statement of qualifications (Standard Form 129 and supplemental questionnaire)
  2. Two client questionnaires with original signatures from project clients

For an application to be considered for evaluation, both the Standard Form 129 and supplemental questions 10A through 10E must be completed. All questions in the supplemental questionnaire must be completed with special attention paid to two project descriptions that demonstrate design and installation experience in energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) or energy conservation measures (ECMs) (Question 10B[a]). Both projects must have been completed by the applying ESCO as the prime contractor with financial responsibility for the design and implementation of each project. Projects performed by ESCO personnel at previous employers are not acceptable.

The two projects must be completed and have a sufficient performance period to measure and verify energy savings or utility demand reduction. The responses for Question 10B(a) 10) and 12) should include energy savings or utility demand reduction in both energy units and U.S Dollars ($). The responses should also include a clear description of the measurement and verification (M&V) methodology to determine the energy savings or utility demand reduction; and, any other pertinent information, such as rebates related to the project.

Personnel qualifications should be in the form of resumes (Question 10D[a]), and trades that the organization utilizes on a regular basis should be demonstrated with the firm's personnel qualifications (Question 10D[b]).

Included with this application are two client questionnaires that must be completed and submitted with original client signatures as part of the application. These questionnaires should correspond with the two project descriptions identified in the statement of qualifications (Question 10B[a]).

Responses of "not applicable" to Questions 10E(b) and (c) will be considered incomplete and may delay the qualification review process. Only "Yes" or "No" answers will be accepted.

Application Forms

Complete the application forms and submit an original and one copy of your firm's application to:

Schuyler (Skye) Schell
Supervisor, Project Services
U.S. Department of Energy
EE-5S, 1000 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20585
Attn: Qualified List

Evaluation Process

A qualification review board (QRB) evaluates applications for the DOE Qualified List of Energy Service Companies. On the basis of statements of qualifications received and any other relevant information, the QRB selects firms for inclusion if:

  • The firm has provided ESPC services or services that saved energy or reduced utility costs for not less than two clients, and the firm possesses the appropriate project experience to successfully implement the technologies that it proposes to provide

  • Previous project clients provide ratings that are "fair" or better

  • The firm, or any principal of the firm, has neither been insolvent nor declared bankruptcy within the last five years

  • The firm, or any principal of the firm, is not on the list of parties excluded from procurement programs (in other words, has not been debarred by the Federal Government) under 48 CFR part 9, subpart 9.4

  • There is no adverse information that warrants the conclusion that the firm is not qualified to perform energy savings performance contracting.

Allow at least three months for the evaluation process to be completed.