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Institutional Change for Sustainability

Institutional Change Continuous Improvement Cycle

Institutional Change Continuous Improvement Cycle

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) aims to help Federal agencies make sustainability a natural part of how they operate—while continuing to meet their mission goals. Through its Institutional Change activities, FEMP provides guidance and reference materials to help agencies and the myriad organizations within agencies shift their behavior in an effort to save energy and resources now and in the long-term. Institutional change integrates behavior with technologies and policies, recognizing that all three need to align to create make a significant and lasting difference.

The evidence-based guidance about institutional change in this website section draws from social-science literature and real-world experience. Although it focuses on meeting the requirements of Executive Order 13514, Federal agencies can use the institutional change process to meet any sustainability or energy-efficiency goals.

Learn more about the basics of institutional change and associated institutional change principles.

Step by Step

For establishing sustainability in an organization, the institutional change process includes five key steps. Click on a step below to learn more about it.

Also see resources to find:

  • Case studies illustrating how individuals and groups have spurred institutional change to meet their organization's sustainability goals
  • FEMP training for implementing institutional change in agencies
  • The evidence-based science behind the institutional change process.

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What Success Looks Like

Photo of two men holding a poster.Read case studies about agencies and organizations that have successfully implemented institutional change measures.