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Federal Energy and Water Efficiency Project Financing

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) offers financing options for agencies that are ready to implement energy and water efficiency projects. Carefully matching available project financing options with specific situations can make the difference between a stalled, unfunded project and a successful project that generates energy and cost savings.

Energy Savings Performance Contracts
Energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) allow agencies to procure energy savings and facility improvements with no up-front capital costs or special appropriations from Congress. 

An energy savings performance contract is a partnership between a federal agency and an energy service company (ESCO). In an ESPC, the ESCO designs a project that meets the agency’s needs, arranges for funding, and guarantees the project will generate energy cost savings to pay for the project over the term of the ESPC (up to 25 years). Learn about ESPCs.

ESPC ENABLE offers a standardized, streamlined process for small federal facilities to install targeted energy conservation measures in six months or less.

ESPC ENABLE offers the same benefits as an ESPC but uses the GSA Schedule's prequalified vendors and prenegotiated pricing. Learn about ESPC ENABLE.

UESC Utility Energy Service Contracts
Utility energy service contracts (UESCs) offer federal agencies an effective way to implement energy and water efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Agencies can implement a UESC with no initial capital investment or use appropriated funds strategically to maximize the impacts of their projects. Learn about UESCs.

REP Renewable Energy Procurement
The Renewable Energy Procurement (REP) Program helps agencies meet their renewable energy and clean energy goals, reduce environmental impacts, and improve resiliency. The REP Program bridges information gaps to help agencies meet renewable energy goals and requirements. Learn about REP.

Power Purchase Agreements

On-site renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) allow federal agencies to fund on-site renewable energy projects with no up-front capital costs. Learn about PPAs.

Graphic of a dollar sign.Assisting Federal Facilities with Energy Conservation Technologies (AFFECT)

FEMP provides grants for the development of capital projects to increase the energy efficiency and renewable energy investments at federal facilities. Learn about the AFFECT funding opportunity


incentives_us.jpgState Energy Incentive Programs

Most states offer energy incentive programs to help offset energy costs. Learn about energy incentive programs by state.