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Institutional Change Process Step 3: Develop an Action Plan

Graphic showing 5 gears. They progress from Determine Goal to Identify Context-Rules, Roles and Tools to Develop Action Plan to Implement Plan to Measure and Evaluate.
Process for Continuous Change

After establishing goals and assessing the rules, roles, and tools, you can develop an action plan (select the strategies that will be implemented over time to achieve and maintain energy and sustainability goals).

This action plan should target specific audiences with tailored strategies and take into account the need to review and revise strategies in the long-term. The action plan must include appropriate metrics and regular measurement. Remember that planning useful efficiency and sustainability evaluation is necessary before an organization begins to implement an action plan.

When developing your action plan:

  • Articulate your energy or sustainability goal—setting specific, measurable, and verifiable metrics

  • Identify linkages among resources, activities, and outcomes—as well as gaps or disconnects that need to be addressed—through your analysis of institutional context

  • Tie your plan directly into the goals and metrics you established and select strategies that help you change particular groups' behavior to achieve those goals.

When you start developing your action plan, use several proven strategies for effecting institutional change, tailored for your context of rules, roles and tools.