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Collegiate Wind Competition

The U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition challenges interdisciplinary teams of undergraduate students from a variety of programs to offer a unique solution to a complex wind energy project using the three multi-faceted elements highlighted below; providing each student with real-world experience as they prepare to enter the wind industry workforce.

Develop and Deliver a Business Plan

Write and present a market research-supported business plan that shapes the design and development of the team's technical product into a marketable wind power system. Learn more.

Establish a Deployment Strategy

Identify a project site for the team's power system and develop a deployment plan based upon siting constraints and expected challenges, then present their well-researched deployment strategy. Learn more.

Build and Test a Wind Turbine

Design, build, and present a unique, wind-driven power system based on market research and test the wind turbine in an on-site wind tunnel. Learn more.