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Sensors and Controls R&D

About the Portfolio

The Sensors and Controls subprogram is focused on developing sensor and control solutions to achieve building energy savings, to better utilize building end uses to increase and enhance the penetration of energy efficiency and renewable generation at scale, and to unlock new building market and financial opportunities for owners, operators, and end uses. Some, but not all of these opportunities arise from the continuous engagement and management of building systems, devices, or equipment (including, but not limited to, appliances, lighting, and HVAC systems) and through the addition of communication and information technologies (including commingling energy and information). Researchers principally focus on R&D of open-source sensor solutions and foundational controls opportunities. All projects are driven by use cases and have clear end use applications. This way, implementation and service companies can adopt and drive the solutions into the market or into utility supported programs.


Marina Sofos
Sensors and Controls Technology Manager
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