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Building Energy Management Open-Source Software Development (BEMOSS)

Image courtesy of Virginia Tech and BTO Peer Review.

Image courtesy of Virginia Tech and BTO Peer Review.

Lead Performer: Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute - Alexandria, VA
Project Partners:
-- Arlington County, Virginia
-- Danfoss Corporation - Baltimore, MD
-- Virginia Tech Foundation - Blacksburg, VA
DOE Funding: $1,918,034
Cost Share: $69,861
Project Term: November 1, 2013 - January 31, 2017
-- Phase 1 has been completed and the project has passed its Go/No-Go decision point.  Project has been approved for negotiation regarding Phase 2 activities.
Funding Opportunity Announcement: “Turn-Key” Open Source Software Solutions for Energy Management of Small to Medium Sized Buildings -- 2013 (DE-FOA-0000822)

Phase 1 Source Code Repository

The BEMOSS Wiki and source codes are now publicly available.

  1. Access the BEMOSS Wiki
  2. To install BEMOSS, please visit the Installation Guide page.





Project Objective

BEMOSS is a Building Energy Management Open Source Software (BEMOSS) platform that is engineered to improve sensing and control of equipment in small- and medium-sized commercial buildings. BEMOSS will be able to optimize electricity usage to reduce energy consumption and help implement demand response (DR). This opens up demand side ancillary services markets and creates opportunities for building owners, which in turn can help accelerate development of market-ready products like embedded Building Energy Management (BEM) systems and device controllers for HVAC, lighting and plug loads. BEMOSS aims to offer: scalability, robustness, plug and play, open protocol, interoperability, cost-effectiveness, as well as local and remote monitoring, allowing it to work with load control devices form different manufacturers that operate on different communication technologies and protocols. Currently, BEMOSS supports the following prevalent communication technologies: Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), Serial (RS-485), ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4) and Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11); and protocols: BACnet, Modbus, Web, OpenADR and SEP protocols.


DOE Technology Manager: Marina Sofos
Lead Performer: Saifur Rahman, Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute

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