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How to Join

Review our member criteria and code of conduct below to gain a better understanding of your organization’s role within the Residential Network.


Residential Network members must meet the following criteria:

  • Members must be supportive of residential energy efficiency and the mission of the Residential Network.
  • Members are expected to be legally incorporated organizations or institutions, rather than individuals, actively engaged in the field of existing residential building energy efficiency with an ability to impact the market.
  • Members should have the ability and capacity to carry out the requirements for membership (i.e., reporting the annual number of upgrades in their sphere of influence, and associated benefits), and actively engage as a member.
  • Members must actively engage in significant work supporting, studying, researching, reporting, and/or practicing residential building energy efficiency, and demonstrate the ability to abide by the Residential Network Code of Conduct in order to become members.
  • Prospective members must complete a membership form, and be prepared to provide additional information about professional activities and experiences if requested.
  • Organizations may only sign up for themselves, not on behalf of other organizations.
  • If an institution is sanctioned by a governmental agency or judicial body for violating laws or regulations affecting their professional activities, their membership may be terminated.
  • If an organization fails to carry out the requirements for membership (i.e., reporting the annual number of upgrades in their sphere of influence, and associated benefits), does not actively engage as a member, or violates the Residential Network Code of Conduct, their membership may be terminated.
  • Membership is subject to review and revocation by DOE or the member organization at any time.

Code of Conduct

Sales of services and commercial messages are not appropriate during any Residential Network meeting, call, or on any forum, discussion list, or online area. The signatory acknowledges that DOE and Residential Network names or likeness may not be used in any way that implies endorsement of a private company, service, or product. The Residential Network name may be used to reference an entity’s membership (e.g., within a newsletter, on a website). The Residential Network does not have a logo.

As an authorized representative of this organization, I agree that the organization will:

  • Assign an organizational representative as the primary point of contact for the Residential Network
  • Invite all relevant members of the organization to participate in Residential Network peer groups of interest
  • Share the organization’s successes with other members of the Residential Network
  • Abide by the Code of Conduct
  • Provide DOE with an annual update of the organization’s residential energy upgrades and information about the benefits associated with those upgrades *

*Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Sponsors meet this obligation through their existing sponsorship agreement.

Become a Member

Complete the Membership Form and email it to the Better Buildings Residential Network.

For more information about what Residential Network membership entails, visit the Member Benefits section. If you have questions, please email the Residential Network.