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June 1, 2015
The Alternative Fueling Station Locator tool, which recently hit 20,000 locations listed, offers drivers several ways to search for and sort information: by location, such as near a specific address or zip code, or by vehicle technology.
20,000 and Counting: Alternative Fueling and Charging Stations Hit Major Milestone

Thanks to the Energy Department’s Alternative Fueling Station Locator tool, it’s easier than ever for drivers of alternative fuel and plug-in electric vehicles to find a place to fill up. This is due, in part, to hitting a recent milestone of more than 20,000 locations listed.

May 29, 2015
Energy Department Helps Cities, Counties Evaluate and Improve Building Energy Performance

Many states, counties, and cities are implementing their own building energy benchmarking and transparency policies to improve ways owners, tenants and others can access a building’s energy use. The main goal is to increase the awareness of energy usage to encourage businesses and communities to save energy and reduce pollution through efficiency upgrades while increasing the real estate valuation for high performing buildings. To help jurisdictions measure the impact of their benchmarking and transparency policy efforts, the Energy Department recently released the Benchmarking & Transparency Policy and Program Impact Evaluation Handbook. It walks jurisdictions through the evaluation steps, providing both a strategic planning framework and standard methodologies to measure the impacts of benchmarking programs and policies.

May 28, 2015
On-site renewable energy generation from these wind turbines, assessing energy efficiency in all new equipment before purchase, and high efficiency lighting and thermal energy efficiency improvements are all examples how our Better Buildings Challenge (BBC) partner HARBEC in upstate New York has already achieved their goal of reducing their energy intensity by 25%.
Better Buildings Challenge Partners Reach New Levels of Energy Savings

The Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Initiative -- launched by President Obama in 2011 -- is a bold national program designed to make commercial and industrial buildings 20 percent more energy efficient by 2020 and to catalyze a revolution in building energy efficiency across the country. Simply put, the progress that has been made thanks to the Better Buildings Initiative is nothing short of amazing. Across the country, Better Buildings Challenge partners are deploying energy efficiency projects at more than 9,000 facilities, with more than 2,100 buildings improving efficiency by least 20 percent, and another 4,500 by at least 10 percent, compared with their baseline years.

May 28, 2015
New partnerships between U.S. and South African organizations were recognized during a signing ceremony at the Powering South Africa Conference. From left to right: Jaime Cruz, Millenium Solutions; Edwina Felix, Peer Africa; Carsten Larsen, Dow; Sheila Moynihan, EERE; Bipin Shah, WinBuild; Teresa Scheepers, Municipal Manger of !Khies; Minister Counselor Laird Treiber, U.S. Embassy; Logesh Janarthanan, EMPORes LLC; Dr. Xiahohua Xia, University of Pretoria; Mothusi Guy, PEER Africa; Nothemba Mlonzi, SANEDI Board of Directors; David Mahuma, SANEDI; Dr. Ravi Srinivasan, University of Florida; Barry Bredenkamp, SANEDI. | <em>Photo credit: Ignus Gerber Photography</em>
Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition in South Africa

Leading U.S. and South African experts from industry, government, and the nonprofit sector came together this week for the Powering South Africa with Cleaner & Smarter Energy Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. The event, co-sponsored by the Energy Department, recognized new partnerships that have formed as a result of the Accelerating Deployment of Clean Energy Solutions in South Africa project launched by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) in 2014.

May 27, 2015
This Friday, our panel of energy and sci-fi experts will discuss the interplay between science and cinema at Awesome Con in Washington, DC. | Image courtesy of Awesome Con
Energy @ Awesome Con: Meet Our Panelists

Join us at Washington, DC's leading comic and pop culture convention for a discussion on the interplay of energy, cinema and television.

May 26, 2015
Our energy expert answered your questions about vehicle fuel efficiency. | Photo courtesy of ©
#AskEnergySaver: Fuel Efficiency

Just in time for the busy summer driving season, our energy expert answers your questions about vehicle fuel efficiency.

May 22, 2015
Test Your Energy Knowledge with Our Bioenergy Quiz

We are very excited to announce our first ever bioenergy quiz—an online, interactive tool that’s both enlightening and entertaining! Interested in participating? Just click the link in the photo above and let the game begin.

May 21, 2015
The Energy Department's SunShot Catalyst prize winners are taking aim at solar energy’s “soft costs.” | Photo Courtesy of NREL.
Startups Tackle Solar Challenges

The Energy Department's SunShot Catalyst prize is working to make solar power more affordable by supporting tech startups with big ideas on how to solve the solar industry's toughest challenges.

May 21, 2015
Revamped Simulation Tool to Power Up Wave Energy Development

Scientists and engineers face considerable challenges when modeling new wave energy technologies. The DOE's Water Power Program announces the release of their new, updated WEC-Sim modeling tool, which will be a great help in this area.

May 20, 2015
FORGE: The Next Frontier of Renewable Energy

The Energy Department recently announced the teams selected for negotiation for Phase 1 of the Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE), a dedicated site where researchers can develop and test enhanced geothermal system technologies.