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Business Operations

The Office of Business Operations is the central organization for all Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) business products, processes, and systems. The main offices of Business Operations and their managers are outlined in the Business Operations organization chart.


Image of the Department of Energy Forrestal building in DC.Office of Budget

The Office of Budget provides information that informs policy development and program planning, including basic market and economic data relevant to EERE's programs, market and economic analysis, estimation of the public benefits of EERE's programs, evaluation of past program performance and economic benefits, and a variety of other analytical tools.

Workforce Management Office

The Workforce Management Office provides leadership, policy guidance, and technical advice to EERE managers, supervisors, and employees on a broad range of mission drivers including human capital, corporate learning, performance management, logistics, acquisitions, travel, and security.

Office of Information and Business Management

The Office of Information and Business Management leads the development and implementation of information and business management systems that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of EERE's management of programs and its portfolios of projects.

Project Management Coordination Office

The Project Management Coordination Office (PMCO) provides guidance, leadership, training, and tools to EERE management and the field in the area of active project management. PMCO is also charged with providing integrated risk management and oversight of EERE work at numerous field sites. This includes activities ranging from performance and project management to monitoring and auditing.

Golden Field Office

As the primary field agent for EERE, Golden staff awards grants and manages contracts for clean energy projects and facilitates research and development (R&D) partnerships with national laboratories, the private sector, state and local governments and other stakeholders to support the commercialization of those technologies. Golden staff also oversees DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the nation's only national lab solely dedicated to researching and developing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Student Volunteer Opportunities

The Office of Business Operations administers a program that offers exciting student volunteer opportunities at our Washington, D.C., headquarters — just a little of your time can help bring clean, reliable, and affordable energy technologies to the marketplace.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Postings

To further transparency and openness in its implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act, the Department of Energy has established a policy with regard to the online posting of certain categorical exclusion determinations.