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Environment, Safety, and Health Special Review, Department of Energy Laboratories - August 2008

August 2008

Special Review of Work Practices for Nanoscale Material Activities at Department of Energy Laboratories

This report provides the results of a Special Review of work practices associated with nanoscale material activities at Department of Energy (DOE) Laboratories.  The review as conducted at the direction of the Secretary of Energy by the DOE Office of Independent Oversight, within the Office of Health, Safety and Security, with the participation of staff from the Office of Science and the National Nuclear Security Administration, and nanomaterial safety subject matter experts from DOE Laboratories.  The primary focus of the review, conducted May through July 2008, was to compare selected DOE site operations to the approach outlined in DOE's Nanoscale Science Research Centers Approach to Nanoscale Environment, Safety, and Health, and other applicable requirements including 10 C.F.R. Part 851 and DOE's integrated safety management policy.  The Special Review included onsite field reviews of work practices at 8 of the 16 laboratories currently performing nanoscale activities.  The field reports are provided in a separate volume of this report.