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About Us

The Office of Enterprise Assessments (EA) is the Department of Energy’s (DOE) autonomous organization responsible for performance of assessments on behalf of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary, in the areas of nuclear and industrial safety, cyber and physical security, and other critical functions as directed by the Secretary and his Leadership team.


  • Implements Congressionally-mandated enforcement functions in the areas of worker safety and health, nuclear safety, and security
  • Manages the National Training Center (NTC) in Albuquerque, incorporating lessons learned from inspections, reviews and assessments into the NTC’s safety and security training courses.
  • Fosters stakeholder outreach programs that support open and effective means of communication and collaboration both within and outside the Department.
  • Serves as an important check-and-balance that meets the Department’s responsibilities as a self-regulating entity.
  • Advises the Secretary and Deputy Secretary on all matter related to oversight, enforcement, safety and health training, and outreach activities across the complex.


Information about EA leadership, offices and structure can be found using the organizational chart.

Office of Enterprise Assessments