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Reporting Employee Concerns

Reporting Employee Concerns is an important part of our work. Energy Department employees and any contractor or subcontractor fulfilling DOE’s mission have the right and responsibility to report concerns relating to the environment, safety, health, or management of Department operations. Free and open expression of Energy Department Federal and contractor and subcontractor employee concerns is essential to safe and efficient accomplishment of the Energy Department's missions. The Employee Concerns Program is designed to—

  • Encourage open communication;
  • Inform employees of the proper forum for consideration of their concerns;
  • Ensure employees can raise issues without fearing reprisal;
  • Address employee concerns in a timely and objective manner; and
  • Provide employees an avenue for consideration of concerns that fall outside existing systems.

Employees are encouraged to report concerns to their immediate supervisors, or to Department field, headquarters, or contractor employee concerns programs within their own organizations, or to offices responsible for dealing with the particular subject matter of the concern. Department of Energy field and headquarters employee concerns offices are available to assist employees in determining the appropriate program to which a concern should be addressed and, when necessary, to itself take action to investigate and seek resolution of the concern.

The Headquarters Office of Employee Concerns will complement the various programs established to receive and evaluate employee concerns by assisting in the review of certain concerns when a more appropriate avenue does not exist for a final resolution. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of an effective Employee Concerns Programs and the investigation of concerns. Recognizing that some individuals will come forward only if they believe their identities will not be disclosed, the protection of confidential sources is a significant factor in ensuring the voluntary flow of information.

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If you have any questions about the process of Reporting Employee Concerns give us a call - (202) 586-8383.