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Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs Staff

Name Title Phone
Brad Crowell Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs 202-586-5450
Christopher Davis Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional Affairs 202-586-5450
Alice Madden Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental and External Affairs 202-586-3600
Shari Davenport Chief Operating Officer 202-586-5450
Janine Benner Deputy Assistant Secretary for House Affairs 202-586-5450
Jaime Shimek Deputy Assistant Secretary for Senate Affairs 202-586-5450
Tara Trujillo Senior Advisor for Intergovernmental and External Affairs 202-586-3600
David Conrad Director, Tribal Affairs 202-586-7880
Derrick Cunningham Executive Correspondence Specialist 202-586-2032
Tré Easton Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary and Principal Deputy for Congressional Affairs 202-586-5450
Kimberly Gibson Administrative Support Specialist to the Principal Deputy for Intergovernmental & External Affairs 202-586-3600
Judith Kargbo Program Support Specialist, Intergovernmental & External Affairs 202-586-0608
Diane Meck Legislative Research Analyst 202-586-2771
Hasan Nazar Senior Advisor 202-586-8590
Martha Oliver Legislative Affairs Specialist for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 202-586-2229
Mary Ann Osborne Program Support Specialist 202-586-8916
Lil Owen Legislative Affairs Specialist for Hearings and Appeals, Office of Management, Chief Information Officer, General Counsel, and Human Capital. Hearing Coordinator 202-586-2031
Chaye Parker Legislative Research Analyst 202-586-2956
Kathy Peery Legislative Affairs Specialist for Chief Financial Office, Policy and International Affairs, Energy Information Administration, ARPA-E, Loan Program Office, Economic Impact and Diversity 202-586-2794
Monica Piergrossi Director of External Affairs 202-586-3600
Lori Schmader Program Analyst 202-586-3471
Patricia Temple Legislative Affairs Specialist for Nuclear Energy, Environmental Management, Legacy Management, Health Safety and Security, and Tech Transfer 202-586-4220
Clarence Tong Legislative Affairs Specialist 202-586-5470
Robert Tuttle Legislative Affairs Specialist for Office of Science, Fossil Energy, Power Marketing Administrations, Office of Electricity 202-586-4298
Heidi VanGenderen Director, Public Engagement 202-586-3600
Dan Woomer Management Analysis Officer 202-586-9886
Michelle Wyman Director, Intergovernmental Affairs 202-586-3600
Fahiye Yusuf Legislative Affairs Specialist and Hearing Coordinator 202-586-2764