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Assistive Technology

The DOE Headquarters Accommodation Program was established to provide reasonable computer and related telecommunications accommodations to assist employees with disabilities.  Since implementation of the Assistive Technologies program in 1993, individual accommodations have risen from 26 prior to 1993 to currently more than 700.

The Assistive Technologies program proactively complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with disabilities Act (ADA), the telecommunications Accessibility Enhancement Act, and other related legislation.  The Program is living evidence of the DOE commitment to develop and implement a comprehensive program for employees with disabilities to maximize their employability, independence, and integration into the workplace and community.

The Assistive Technologies Program is acknowledged by Headquarters and field site organizations and their employees as a valuable resource for recommending or providing a diverse collection of disability accommodation and ergonomic solutions.

Program Initiatives

  • Recommend effective accommodations for individuals with disabilities and impairments
  • Provide timely, complete workstation accommodation support
  • Offer comprehensive workstation ergonomic evaluations
  • Suggest workstation related stress and strain reduction techniques
  • Promote agency wide intra-organizational accessibility awareness and practices

Program Goals

  • Advocacy and support for employees with disabilities and impairments
  • Encourage expanded hiring of employees with disabilities
  • Enhance the Assistive Technologies Program through employee feedback
  • Institutionalize Assistive Technologies

Program Objectives

  • A barrier-free workplace
  • A supportive work environment
  • Enhanced job skills
  • Heightened disability awareness by all employees