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Announcing the Clean Energy Trust Semifinalists

January 24, 2012 - 6:54pm


On January 6th, the Clean Energy Trust announced the semifinalists for its inaugural student clean energy challenge.  Semifinalists were chosen from more than 40 innovative clean energy business plans submitted from eight Midwestern states.

The 16 semifinalist teams represent five states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio) and 11 universities, with the most teams coming from Purdue University (four teams) and Northwestern University (three teams). Within the submissions, Clean Energy Trust reviewers saw a broad assortment of undergraduate and graduate students, male and female students, engineers and social science majors, as well as those who have gone to school to focus on entrepreneurship and those who recently learned of the business plan competition opportunity.

Many teams developed business plans around technologies straight from their university labs while some teams chose technologies from U.S. National Labs or other technology sources from across the country.

Student Challenge finalists University Category
1. Amplified Wind Solutions Cleveland State University Renewables
2. ATS Motors Purdue Universit Next-gen transportation
3. Bagpipe Technologies Northwestern University Energy-efficiency
4. Convolutus Inc Purdue University Energy-efficiency
5. Design Flux Technologies University of Akron Energy storage
6. Effimax Solar University of Illinois--Urbana Renewables
7. Electroluminescent Products University of Missouri--Kansas City Energy-efficiency
8. Hydraulic Wind Power Indiana University Renewables
9. NanoHarv Case Western Reserve University Renewables
10. NuMat Technology Northwestern University Energy storage
11. Power-by-Nano Purdue University Renewables
12. ReGenerate Solutions University of Michigan—Ann Arbor Biomass
13. Re:Wind Purdue University Renewables
14. Root3 University of Chicago Energy-efficiency
15. Saturnis Washington University Biomass
16. SiNode Northwestern University Energy storage

Three more Michigan-based teams will be joining the list of semifinalists in mid-February after they have successfully competed in the Michigan Clean Energy Venture Challenge.

You can learn more about Clean Energy Trust’s Clean Energy Student Challenge and semifinalists at the CET website or through the Department of Energy’s National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition Blog.