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You can use renewable energy to power your home, either by purchasing "green power"—electricity generated using renewable energy, or by installing a small renewable energy system. Using a small renewable energy system can help you lower your electricity costs, achieve energy independence, and reduce pollution. Learn your options for buying clean electricity, as well as how to plan for your own small wind, solar, or microhydropower systems.

Tips and Advice

Tips: Renewable Energy

Depending on your location, wind electric, solar electric and hot water, and geothermal systems can provide you with affordable power for your home.

Tips: Smart Meters and a Smarter Power Grid

The Smart Grid will consist of controls, computers, automation, and new technologies and equipment -- including a smart meter at your home --...

Tips: Time-Based Electricity Rates

Time-based electricity programs encourage you to use energy when the demand is low by giving you a lower price for electricity during those times.

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Rebates & Tax Credits

A federal tax credit is available for solar energy systems. The credit is for 30% through 2019, then decreases to 26% for tax year 2020, then to 22% for tax year 2021. It expires December 31, 2021. Learn more and find state and local incentives.

The federal tax credit for small wind energy systems expired at the end of 2016. If you installed a small wind system in 2015 or 2016, file form 5695 with your taxes to claim the credit.