Last year, vehicles transported 11 billion tons of freight, more than $32 billion worth of goods each day, and moved people more than 3 trillion vehicle-miles. The U.S. Department of Energy's Vehicle Technologies Office provides low cost, secure, and clean energy technologies to move people and goods across America.


Batteries, Charging, and Electric Vehicles
Batteries, electric drive, and charging R&D to lower the cost and increase the convenience of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs).
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Energy Efficient Mobility Systems
Envisions an affordable, efficient, safe, and accessible transportation future in which mobility is decoupled from energy consumption.
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Advanced Combustion Systems and Fuels
Improving the efficiency of internal combustion and alternative fuel vehicles to increase economic vitality, and environmental security.
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Lightweight and Propulsion Materials
Advanced materials that help boost the fuel economy of modern vehicles while maintaining safety and performance
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Technology Integration
Provides objective, unbiased data and real-world lessons learned to inform future research needs and support local decision making.
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Reports and Publications
Reports and publications describing the results of VTO research and development, summarizing data collected, and discussing advanced technologies
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Funding opportunities for vehicle research, development (R&D) and deployment from the Vehicle Technologies Office
Advanced vehicle technologies projects funded by VTO are presented and reviewed annually for their merit
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Partnerships are the heart of the Vehicle Technologies Office's work, driving innovation, technology development, and market adoption
Guides, benefits, data, ratings, tips, and calculators for alternative fuels, vehicle fuel economy, and new vehicle information
Vehicle performance data, research results, and transportation sector data available from many sources

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