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September 21, 2011

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Energy Profile: Anette Herrera of A123 Systems

Annette Herrera shares her personal journey to becoming a Production Technician with A123 Systems in Romulus, Michigan.

Like too many Americans, when the recession hit Annette Herrera found herself without a job. For two and a half years she worked the phones and culled the classifieds, searching for an opportunity to work and earn a paycheck. When A123 Systems announced that they were planning to open two new advanced battery plants in Michigan thanks in part to a $249 million grant from the Recovery Act, she applied right away indicating that she’d be willing to take on any position in order to work there. A123 soon brought her long search to a close, hiring her along with about a thousand other workers – many of whom were previously out of work just like Annette.

Now serving as a Production Technician at the company’s plant in Romulus, Michigan, Annette recently took a few moments to share her story with us. You can hear about her struggle and how the advanced battery industry has given her hope for others who are still searching in the video above.

“There are a lot of people still out there, and they want to work, and they need jobs. And this is a great start.”

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